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The person and work of Jesus is essential to our exploration of the mission of God.

In fact, without Jesus, the exploration would be fruitless as He is the central figure of the redemptive work of God.

When we discuss the gospel and God’s mission, it is tempting to focus solely on theological statements and activities done by […] I have no doubt that Spielberg’s movie “Lincoln” is headed toward several Academy Award nominations.

Though it definitely earned its rating for the battle scenes and language, it was an engaging movie.

One detail that On Monday, Life Way Research released some of the findings from the Transformational Discipleship project.

It is fascinating the see the tight connection between the willingness to serve and a person’s spiritual maturity.

GLENDALE, AZ - The state of Arizona and the Tohono O'odham Nation are settling their dispute involving a West Valley casino near Glendale.

The Desert Diamond Casino West Valley will have a Class III gaming certification and liquor license, meaning the casino will be a full "Las Vegas style" environment.

This certificate means slot machines, poker and black jack games will be allowed; craps, baccarat and roulette will not be played as those games are not allowed at Arizona casinos, according to the Arizona Department of Gaming.

It also blocks the tribe from opening any more gambling operations in the Phoenix area.

The tribe opened the casino in 2015 but the Governor Ducey administration denied it a license to operate full-fledged gambling.

The casino instead has bingo-style slots and no card tables, and no state license to serve alcohol.